Building Upstairs

1 June 2014

We’re adding a 2 bedroom unit on the top of our house.

Many delays were experienced getting planning permission. Started working with the architect, Bryan Lee, in February 2013. The plans were finally approve in March 2014.

Construction was due to start 1 May 2014. Then steel was not available so the framing was only delivered 2 June 2014.

The Sunday before construction started.

Week 1: 1-7 June

Monday 2 June it rained so no work started.

The roof tiles have been removed and the rafters cut back to make way for the new structure.

Tuesday to Friday the building started in ernest. John and his team arrive before 8am each morning and progress has been pleasing

A steel beam was inserted over the downstairs dining-room. This will support the new floor where existing walls are not available.

All the floor joists and the wooden floor boards are in place.

The structure is covered with tarpaulins overnight to protect against rain.

Week 1 – Floor joists installed

Week 2: 8-14 June

The first wall goes up

Tuesday 10 was overcast, so no work in case it rained.

We now have a box on top of the house. The walls and roof rafters went up this week

The roof underlay and batons were supposed to be fitted as well, but time ran out. Once this is done the structure is mostly water tight and the risk of damage by bad weather is minimized.

We have a box on our house
Week 2: We have a box on our house

 Week 3: 15-21 June

Now some of the less visible work gets done. The outer cladding gets more of it’s little bits added…

Inside frame
Week 3 – Now work on the innards gets going …

Quite a productive week with plumbers and electricians joining the work team. All the wiring and pipes that will be hidden in the wall cavities are being installed. Then the walls will be insulated and inner paneling added.

If you look closely at the image the wiring and piping is visible.

With so many people busy, the yard is looking more and more messy. Not as tidy a job as promised.

Week 4: 22-28 June

Frame modifications
Week 4 – Oops!

Work has come to a stand still. We need to sort out a few issues with the steel framing. Different sections of the frame were sourced from two suppliers due to problems with steel availability in South Africa. The two lots did not fit together correctly so  some on-site modifications are required. Hold thumbs!

Week 5,6,7,8: 29 June – 26 July

Four weeks of loops between engineers and the builders to sort out the frame issues. All looks good and work will start again next Monday…

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Architect: Bryan Lee from Lee Sanders Architects
Engineer: Ian Upton
Builder: Patrick O’ Neill from PM Roofrooms
 Steel Beam Manufacturer: Patrick Swanepoel from Hazycrest Group
 Plumber: Renier van der Merwe from Eco Wise Plumbing
 Electrician: Deon van Dyk from Deon’s Electrical


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