Building Upstairs (part 3)

Status of the building as at 15 March 2015

There’s been no news since November 2014 because our builder, Patrick O’ Neill from PM Roofrooms, appears to have absconded. After many delays over the past 9 months completion was promised by the end of February 2015. No builder has been on site since the beginning of February. Patrick has not replied to any communications since the end of February.

Considerable work is still outstanding!

Noisy Floor Beams

  • The builder, Patrick O’ Neill of PM Roofrooms, the beam manufacturer, Patrick Swanepoel of the Hazycrest Group, and the engineer, Ian Upton agreed that the beams were abnormally noisy.
  • Various solutions were suggested by them
  • Patrick Swanepoel did some experimental changes to some beams in situ.
  • Patrick O’ Neill and Patrick Swanepoel dispute who is responsible for correcting the fault and no repairs have been done.
  • Floor boards have been lifted to expose faulty beams.
  • This fault has delayed work on the building since September 2014
Exposed faulty floor beams

Stairs and Landing

Skimming of External Walls

Construction Issues

Roof Tiles


Work site not cleaned up

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Architect:Bryan Lee from Lee Sanders Architects
Engineer:Ian Upton
Builder:Patrick O’ Neill from PM Roofrooms
Steel Beam Manufacturer:Patrick Swanepoel from Hazycrest Group
Plumber:Renier van der Merwe from Eco Wise Plumbing
Electrician:Deon van Dyk from Deon’s Electrical

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  2. Oh wow! This looks like the mess we had to deal with ! Patrick was just the foreman of Roofrooms! We literally had to threaten them ! Have gladly moved from that house! So sorry about your issues! Lyn ex NBS

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