Cottage in October

Building Upstairs (part 2)

Visual changes were gradual for week 9 through 18




1 1-Jun-14 Floor beams and shutterboard installed
2 8-Jun-14 Walls with exterior cladding installed, roof rafters installed
3 15-Jun-14 Roof batons installed. Plumber and electrician start installing in walls and under floor stuff
4-8 22-Jun-14 – 20-Jul-14 Problems with steel structure
9-11 27-Jul-14 – 10-Aug-14 Insulation and Internal cladding
12 17-Aug-14 Window frames fitted
13 24-Aug-14
 14 31-Aug-14  Door frames arrived
 15 7-Sep-14  Skim and paint.
 16 14-Sep-14  Skim and paint. Bathroom tiled
 17 21-Sep-14  Skim and paint. Bathroom plumbing installed
 18-19 28-Sep-14 – 5-Oct-14  Skim and paint. Problem with squeaking floor.
 20-21 12-Oct-14 – 19-Oct-14
 18-19 28-Sep-14 – 5-Oct-14  Skim and paint. Problem with squeaking floor.
 20-24 12-Oct-14 – 16-Nov-14  Problem with squeaking floor.


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Architect: Bryan Lee from Lee Sanders Architects
Engineer: Ian Upton
Builder: Patrick O’ Neill from PM Roofrooms
Steel Beam Manufacturer: Patrick Swanepoel from Hazycrest Group
Plumber: Renier van der Merwe from Eco Wise Plumbing
Electrician: Deon van Dyk from Deon’s Electrical


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